I received the following message from a friend who received it on Facebook. You may wish to forward it to others who may have been close to Jason. The forwarded message begins here:
Now Bruce Carlton Jordan and Jason Wetherington have more than just Charlie in common...THEY'RE BOTH FELONS! Check out the following message that's been circulating on Facebook about Jason. It was sent by none other than Jennifer Thompson Jones and Taylor Thompson Royle (the daughter's of First Baptist Church's Senior Pastor Dr. Larry Thompson). At first, I thought it was just gossip...then, I looked at the Clerk of Court's website and found case number: 09014529CF10A.
Subject: Taylor Royle sent you a message on Facebook...
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Taylor sent you a message.

Subject: Jason W

Please read this important message:


This is a strange and difficult e-mail for me to write. I apologize it's through facebook but it was the easiest way for me to get in contact with most of you. I want to begin by letting you know I do not write this to defame or gossip, I am writing this out of concern for those who could potentially be hurt as I and my family have been.

As many of you saw and expressed concern, I had a very difficult time earlier this week. All of you know that my marriage was ended this year by Mason. I have lost my husband, my home, all my friends in TX and a life that I had many dreams about. My wedding ring and my beautiful son are really the only two signifigant pieces of my marriage I had left (not that I am comparing Strong to a ring :) but there is a very large sentimental value in my ring) Also, as a single mom I was holding on to the ring in case there was ever a time when I may need to sell it to help support Strong and I.

This week I found out my engagement and wedding ring were stolen.

I won't go into all the details but eventually Jason Wetherington confessed to stealing my ring and selling it as well as stealing $5000 from my parents safe, and stealing from many other people who I do not have the right to share.

Jason clearly has serious problems that go beyond substance abuse which does not stop with his friendships. He expressed to me that he feels better by hurting those who have helped him and supported him. I am pressing felony charges against Jason. As a counselor I recognize the reality of continuing to help someone who never has to face any consequences. I can not be an enabler to Jason. I pray for Jason and I hope that he gets the help he needs.

As Jason has expressed no remorse for taking from those who care about him, I felt it was appropriate for me to let you know as his friends to be cautious of how you open yourself up to him.


Clearly, Charlie has a thing for the bad boys.....